Crikey but its been warm of late! The southern hemisphere summer is in full swing and quite frankly the Colonel is not a big fan. I was, shall we say, gifted with a physique that’s more suited to snow and hot toddies round the fireplace than to beachwear and playing cricket. Bit of a fan of the old snuggly pullover and slippers I am.  The best thing to do in this weather is stay indoors next to a fan and look forward to colder days, and maybe work on a winter jumper in anticipation.

Well, I was daydreaming of all things cool and refreshing the other day and I started thinking about lovely shady forests and the creatures that live in them. And next thing you know, here was this pattern for a little chap called the Kiwi, who is the national symbol of this fair place that I call home.  Bit of an odd bird, the kiwi. No wings, no real tail, only comes out in the cool of the evening to snuffle around in the beautifully damp leaf litter looking for a spot of dinner.   Very sensible approach to life I must say!  Now I’ll be the first to admit that this particular kiwi looks about half a sandwich short of a picnic.  I’m sure you, dear readers, will understand that extreme heat can cause the brains of even the finest craftsperson to function erratically! If you live in cooler climes then please do give the little fella a go, and no doubt you’ll produce a very dapper-looking Kiwi in no time. Tally ho!


Kiwi pattern

What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a bird with whiskers before?


You will need:

a small amount of  brown yarn (a DK weight acrylic was used here)

a 3mm or 3.5mm crochet hook

Small beads or buttons for eyes

A scrap of yellow or gold felt, with matching sewing thread

A small amount of brown sewing thread

A black marker

A sewing needle


American terms used, so a sc here is a dc in UK/NZ/Australian terminology

sc = single crochet, ch= chain

Row 1: Make a magic loop and sc 6 into the loop. Magic loop tutorial here:

Row 2: 2 sc into each stitch around (12sc)

Row 3 onwards: 1 sc into each sc around. Just keep doing this and the body of your kiwi will grow. Try it on to make sure that it will fit an average finger. When you are happy with the length fasten off, and weave in the yarn ends.

Attach your eyes – here I used some extra-tiny  buttons, but you could also use beads, or even embroider the eyes depending on the look you want. Just make sure that they are visible against the dark brown body!

Cut out a long skinny beak and sew it to the body between the eyes. I folded the sides of the beak together at the top for a little dimension. Draw on two dots for the nostrils.

Cut a few short lengths of your brown sewing thread and knot one end of each piece. Do the same with a few bits of your brown yarn.

Place the whiskers either side of the beak using the sewing needle to pull them through, and trim to the length you want. Do the same at the top of the head with the brown yarn.

Enjoy your flightless bird!

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