The green-eyed monster

…lives on Venus, which is where I’ve been just recently, had a spot of business to attend to, etcetera and so forth. The Venusians have their own name for this odd creature, but I’m dashed if I can pronounce it. Don’t have the right number of tongues you see.  Anyhow, Green-Eyed Monsters are unique in the solar system in that they don’t eat. They survive entirely on visual stimuli, which is to say that they wander around all over the damn place and watch whatever happens to be going on. Closely.

The first time you go to Venus it is, quite honestly, enough to give you the willies, having these worm things standing around peering at you while you eat your eggs on toast of a morning, or observing when you have your evening bath. But after a while you get used to it – they mean no harm by it, they’re just hungry little blighters. Quite docile though, and let’s face it, there are times when all of us could use an extra set of eyes!

So here’s my rendition of a Green-Eyed Monster. Now I haven’t written a pattern for him because its all dependent on what kind and size of eye you choose to employ. The one I’ve used here is a doll’s eye with a hollow back that I just happened to have lying around, as you do. Once you have your green eye all organised, you simply crochet a chain of the right size to fit snugly around the eye, join it into a circle and then start going around in sc to make a tube. Once you’ve gotten a little way on with that you can pause and carefully glue in your eye (I used a hot glue gun.)  Then carry on until your monster is the length you want. You may need to add an increase stitch here and there to keep the finger puppet the right size for your finger.  Then when you’re done with that, add a few short tentacles. These help the monsters to move around. They also come into play when Mr and Mrs Monster love one another very very much and decide they want a baby. I’m not saying any more than that because it all gets a bit, er, squishy from there…

I see you!

Don't blink....Don't even blink...

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