Victory! And a new pattern!

Mornin’ all! I’m feeling pretty chipper as I have just released my first puppet into the wild! The blue octopus was positioned on an ATM machine early this morning, so lets’s hope he finds a nice home!

I’m also rather pleased with this new pattern that I came up with over the weekend – ninjas are very “cool” (so I’m told), and this one takes next to no time.



You will need:

a small amount of yarn (a DK weight acrylic was used here)

a 3mm or 3.5mm crochet hook

A black Sharpie marker or similar

A scrap of felt in white or vanilla, with matching sewing thread

A bamboo skewer

A sewing needle


American terms used, so a sc here is a dc in UK/NZ/Australian terminology

sc = single crochet, ch= chain

Row 1: Make a magic loop and sc 6 into the loop. Magic loop tutorial here:

Row 2: 2 sc into each stitch around (12sc)

Row 3 onwards: 1 sc into each sc around. Just keep doing this and the body of your ninja will grow. Try it on to make sure that it will fit an average finger. When you are happy with the length fasten off, but do not cut your yarn.

Next row: Ch about 15. You are making a bandolier that fits around the puppet’s body at an angle, so that it looks like it is hanging from his shoulder – so check the length of your chain. When you are happy with it, wrap the chain around the body and join the end to the body next to where you started. Cut your yarn.

Thread a sewing needle onto the yarn end. Take it up through the body of the puppet and make a couple of stitches to fasten the top of the bandolier to the puppet’s shoulder. Weave in the yarn end.

Take your scrap of felt and cut a long narrow oval to be the puppet’s face. Sew this on with matching thread – you only need a few stitches. Then use your marker pen to make a couple of dots for eyes. If you like you can add lines around the eyes to add to the expression.

Take your skewer and decide how long the puppet’s weapon should be. Use your marker to colour in a section of skewer, cut to the correct length and thread it through one of the ch stitches of the bandolier to secure it.

See? Simple! Now I’m told that ninjas traditionally dress in black, but I say tosh to tradition! Personally I intend to assemble a rainbow army of the little blighters, and I hope you will do the same! For a bit of variety you could try giving some of ¬†them cardboard swords, or maybe nunchuks made from skewers and a piece of yarn or thread.

Righto. Until next time then.  FINGER PUPPETS FOR ALL!

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