The first FiPPS pattern

What ho!  Colonel Yarnspinner here. Welcome to the home of FiPPS, the Finger Puppet Proliferation Society.  If you have a poke about on the right there you’ll see some swell links that explain what FiPPS is about, and so forth.  But to sum it up in a pithy catchphrase: Finger Puppets For All!

I’m just going to launch into things straight away and share with you the pattern for this little blighter that I whipped up last night. Yes, its a jolly little octopus that barely takes a jiffy!

A jolly little octopus!


You will need:

a small amount of yarn (a DK weight acrylic was used here)

a 3mm or 3.5mm crochet hook

Buttons, beads or similar for the eyes

A sewing needle


American terms used, so a sc here is a dc in UK/NZ/Australian terminology

sc = single crochet, ch= chain

Row 1: Make a magic loop and sc 6 into the loop. Magic loop tutorial here:

Row 2: 2 sc into each stitch around (12sc)

Row 3 onwards: 1 sc into each sc around. Just keep doing this and the body of your octopus will grow. Try it on to make sure that it will fit an average finger. When you are happy with the length (this one has a body length of about 3.5cm) move on to the next row.

Next row: *Ch 12. Turn, skip the first ch and sc into each of the other chains and into the sc stitch at the base of the chain*. (12 sc). Insert your hook into the next sc along and repeat from * to *

You should now have 2 octopus arms. Sc into the next stitch along but do NOT make an arm. Insert your hook into the next stitch along and repeat from * to *.  What you are doing here is making 2 arms in adjacent stitches and then “skipping” the next stitch by just doing a sc into it.  Keep on like this until you have made all 8 arms, then sc into the last stitch and fasten off. Weave in ends and sew on your chosen eyes.

Try out your octopus finger puppet!

Now as you can see from the photo this chappie has quite a big head and you could easily make him a rather dashing hat from scraps of fabric. Or give him an eye patch, make him multi-coloured…its up to you.  The one you’re looking at here is the prototype, so will be staying with me as part of the FiPPS pattern libraary. But I shall be making some more as soon as I can for release into public places. Stay tuned for thrilling updates, and if you give this finger puppet a go, don’t forget to write to Colonel Yarnspinner and tell me all about how it went!

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