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Santa face onThe Magnificent Mishi (www.mishiyarns.co.nz) has very kindly written up this splendid knitted Santa finger puppet pattern for us all! What a top notch lady she is! Mishi also wishes to inform you that a with a mere change of colour scheme – to red and green – you can turn Santa into Santa’s helper. So get stitching chaps, there’s still time to make a bunch of these as Christmas gifts!

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Santa Finger Puppet

Oddments of red, black and white 4 ply yarn

2.75mm circular needle (use magic loop method) or set of sock needles


With white cast on 20 sts, join into a ring ensuring stsnot twisted

Round 1 & 3: knit

Round 2: purl

Change to red; work 8 knit rounds

Do not cut red; add black and work 1 round knit then 1 round purl. Cut black.

Return to working with red and work 9 knit rounds.  Cut red.

Join white and work 10 knit rounds.

Head shaping round: k2tog 10 times (10 sts)

Knit 1 round

Cut yarn leaving a 25cm.  Thread tail onto wool sewing needle and run through sts on circular and pull sts up to gather and close the top of the head.  Run the yarn around the sts a couple of times to make sure the stsare secure.  Do not cut yarn.

Making up

Stuff head with a small amount of filler.  Take wool sewing needle and pass needle down through the head and exit at the neck.  Gather the neck and pull in a wee bit (not too much).  Go through the gathering sts a couple of times with the yarn to make sure the neck is secure.  Sew in the end.


Using white cast on 20sts, join into round.

Work 1 round knit

Cut white, join red and work 4 knit rounds

Hat shaping round 1: (k2tog, k2) 5 times (15 sts)

Work 3 knit rounds

Hat shaping round 2: (k2tog, k1) 5 times (10 sts)

Work 3 knit rounds

Hat shaping round 3: (k2tog) 5 times (5 sts)

Work 3 knit rounds

(K2tog) twice k1.

Cut red and thread onto wool sewing needle and securests as on the head.

Position hat on Santa’s head and sew in place.

Sew tip of hat down to the side and with white work a small ‘pompom’ at the tip.


Using white; cut a length and thread onto needle.  Sew loops closely together around the ‘chin’.

Buttons & Eyes

Using black; cut a length and thread onto needle.  Make 2 French knots (or work tiny sts ) below belt, then work a buckle by weaving the yarn in a circle through the garter ridges, then work 2 french knot above the belt.  Finally pass the wool needle through the head and come out where the eye needs to be worked, making a small st for each eye.  Between each eye pass the needle out of the head and come back for the second eye; this will ensure the black yarn does not show through the white.

Say “Hello” to Santa J!


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